Do you have pruning or landscaping questions but you’re not ready to hire someone yet? Would you like to learn how to bring out the best in your trees or “tune up” your garden? Consulting or coaching could be the solution.

Pruning Help

People often contact me after they’ve bought a pruning book or taken a class. They’re concerned because their specific questions weren’t covered or they’re afraid of making a mistake.

If you find yourself in this situation, give me a call and we can prune together. Then you can enjoy the graceful, healthy tree you want, and also gain the confidence to keep it looking its best.

You’ll learn where to make that first cut, what the most beautiful form for your tree, how to avoid dangerous situations, and when to stop. Extras can include tool-sharpening and suggestions for companion plants. If plant moving or disease control is necessary I can provide solutions or supply references of people you can trust. Included in the session is a written set of pruning tips.

Landscape Consultations

When you have design questions but you’re not ready to hire a landscaper, consider consultation. I can discuss your ideas, make suggestions, and offer alternatives in materials or plants.

I also maintain an extensive library of landscaping books and can supply images for inspiration. Our session includes a written set of notes covering what we’ve discussed.

David Ohannesian(206) 781-8517